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Farovon is a milestone in the world of information technology solutions covering vital areas such as Know Your Customer (KYC), maritime technology, cyber intelligence, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), satellite communications, and training centers. Through our extensive experience, we have successfully implemented a wide range of tools from various vendors, and created innovative systems incorporating advanced technologies. The result? More complex and powerful information data dashboards, providing in-depth and intelligent insights to support your decisions. Together with Farovon, let's explore the limitless potential of information technology to shape a brighter future.

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KYC processes are adopted by different types of businesses and organizations, including financial institutions, financial technology (fintech) companies, payment service providers, e-commerce companies, and even non-profit organizations. It helps them comply with applicable regulations, manage compliance risks, and protect their business from illegal or abusive activities.


A range of specialized products and services designed to meet the needs of businesses in the maritime sector. From logistics and supply chain management solutions to advanced technologies for vessel monitoring and maritime security, these products help companies maximize their operational efficiency on the high seas.


IoT has great potential to transform the way we live and work, improving efficiency, convenience, and productivity. By enabling objects to connect and communicate over the internet, IoT opens the door to new innovations and smarter solutions in various areas of life, from households to industry and healthcare.


The latest solutions and technologies designed to enhance communication across multiple platforms and environments. With a focus on ease of use, reliable performance, and innovative features, Communication Products are changing the way we communicate and work together, accelerating information exchange and strengthening connections in this digital age.


Using the latest data and analytics, these products help businesses to track trends, understand customer perceptions, and plan effective marketing strategies on social platforms. With the resulting information, companies can optimize their online presence, increase engagement, and build stronger relationships with their audience, taking their business to the next level in this digital age.


Leveraging the latest technology and advanced analytics, these products help identify, analyze and protect enterprises from complex digital security threats. With a focus on early detection, rapid response and risk mitigation, they keep businesses safe in the face of evolving cyber challenges, ensuring operational continuity and invaluable customer trust.


Rom precision earth observation to uninterrupted global connectivity, these products offer game-changing solutions in communication, monitoring and navigation. With advanced technology and excellence in design, the company enables organizations to explore the potential of space for their own benefit, opening the door to an infinite future beyond the atmosphere.


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  • Farovon, your IT consulting partner, is ready to open the door to limitless technology solutions. With deep expertise and an innovative approach, we address your every technology challenge-bringing real transformation into every aspect of your business.

  • Farovon Company operates in the IT consulting sector, offering technology solutions and support to clients who need expertise in overcoming technological challenges and maximizing their digital potential.

  • Farovon excels in delivering technology solutions that are not only state-of-the-art, but also customized to each client's unique needs. With an innovation-centered approach, we not only solve technology problems, but also embrace new opportunities to transform your business into an unparalleled digital force.

  • Farovon provides round-the-clock technical support services to respond to and resolve technical issues that may arise after implementation. Our support team is well-trained and ready to provide quick and effective assistance both on-site and through various communication channels, including telephone, email, and online support.

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